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If you manage a small business you know the frustration that comes with having an IT problem and no one to fix it. Most small businesses lack the expertise to effectively troubleshoot and fix their increasing collection of electronic devices. That's where Reliable Technology Solutions' InfinITy membership program can help.

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What is InfinITy?

InfinITy is a membership package that allows us to work as your virtual IT department. For a monthly fee, you get an entire suite of services without spending unnecessary time away from managing your business and interacting with your customers. Rather than reacting to IT issues that negatively impact your business operations, our InfinITy packages allow you to be proactive, avoid data losses and stay ahead of advances in technology, all without having to invest in the personnel and office space necessary for an in-house IT department. You choose the membership level that's best for your business.

An InfinITy program that's right for your business

We understand that every business has its own unique IT needs. That's why we offer two levels of InfinITy memberships.

InfinITy membership

Our basic membership package includes basic monitoring, support and data back up. It's perfect for small businesses.

Premium infinITy membership

Our membership package gives you access to our services 24/7 and adds augmented IT consulting. This is the best choice for businesses that operate during non-traditional hours.

Working with Reliable Technology Solutions

South Carolina-based Reliable Technology Solutions (RTS) has been helping businesses of all sizes with their technology needs since 2012. Our team of professionals are dedicated to providing high-quality IT solutions that exceed our clients' expectations. To learn more about our InfinITy membership packages and/or other RTS IT services, contact us today!

infinITy member perks include: Reliable

24/7/365 Monitoring of All Data Systems and Components

Reliable Technology Solutions can monitor your company's entire network, from PCs and Macs, to servers, switches, firewalls and routers in order to protect your company from any threats. We also provide network monitoring, where our system will monitor network traffic flow, switching, routing, and firewall devices, and look for any issues before they become bigger problems.

Top of the Line Antivirus/Spyware Protection and Monitoring

Protect your organization from spyware, viruses, and other malware. Computer security threats can make the Internet a dangerous place. If your company doesn't have tools to protect itself from malicious software, the Internet can pose a serious risk to your organization.

Custom Data Breach Insurance

We have in-depth knowledge of the industries and cyber exposures we cover and can help create and customize a cyber/data breach insurance policy that best suits your organization.

Phone & Camera Maintenance

At Reliable Technology Solutions, we are experts in maintenance of all of your installed business security systems. We offer alarm installation for small businesses as well as maintenance and support of an entire enterprise video surveillance network.