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When you're running a business, staying on top of all of the IT developments as well as your regular work can be exhausting. Fortunately, the helpful professionals at Reliable Technology Solutions have developed a comprehensive option that allows you to focus on your business and leave your IT solutions to the experts. InfinITy is a program that provides you with a professional, off-site IT department to handle problems without having to drag down your work day or spend valuable time and resources fixing issues.

What is InfinITy?

InfinITy is an exclusive membership program that provides you with a suite of services for a monthly fee. It allows us to be your virtual IT department, enabling you to focus on running your company and working with your clients. Instead of having to try to react to IT problems that can drag your business down, we stay ahead of problems, allowing you to operate proactively while avoiding data loss and downtime. This improves your productivity and allows you to keep your employees working on what they know best. We do all of this to help save you money and time by avoiding having to invest capital into IT personnel and additional office space.

Benefits of InfinITy membership

InfinITy membership is available at two different levels. The Standard InfinITy delivers strong benefits, but onsite and phone support are only available during business hours. For this reason, we recommend that businesses that typically operate outside normal business hours consider upgrading to a Premium InfinITy membership package.

Standard InfinITy Membership Includes:

  • Network Management and Assessment
  • Vendor Management
  • Onsite Support During Business Hours
  • Phone Support During Business Hours
  • Data Backup for All Servers
  • Anti-Virus Protection on All Your Workstations and Servers
  • Support for Network Components
  • Customized Data Breach Insurance
  • Optional Camera and Telephone Maintenance

Premium InfinITy Membership Adds:

  • All Standard InfinITy Membership Benefits Available 24/7, 365 Instead of Only During Office Hours
  • Augmented IT Consulting
  • Ongoing Vendor Management and Assessment
  • CIO Management Services and Consulting
  • Unlimited After-Hours Support
  • Preferred Client Discounts

By taking advantage of an InfinITy membership, you can get all the advantages of a dedicated IT department without any of the hassle. Ready to get started? Just reach out and contact us to learn more about the program, ask specific questions or get a quote on the low cost of an InfinITy membership today.