Three Ways InfinITy Membership Will Benefit Your Business

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InfinITy Membership

Owners and managers with growing businesses have a lot of demands on their time. They often need to be the sales manager, HR director, bookkeeper and IT department all at the same time. We understand these pressures. That's why we've designed InfinITy, our membership program, to take away those IT demands by making us your virtual IT department. However, saving you time is just one of many ways an InfinITy membership with Reliable Technology Solutions can help your business grow.

How our InfinITy membership can help your business

  1. It saves you time and money: When you make Reliable Technology Solutions your virtual IT department, you free up the funds and space typically needed to staff your own in-house IT department. If you've been doing most of these functions yourself, it allows you to concentrate more of your resources and effort on your customers.
  2. It keeps you current on the latest technology: IT is our primary business and our team is well-versed on the latest developments in cyber security and other trends that can benefit your business. We save you the time of sifting through the new products to see what's right for your business.
  3. We give you onsite and phone support: We understand how frustrating it can be when you have an IT issue. It seems to always happen when you have a tight deadline. We offer onsite and phone support during regular business hours, all included in your membership. With the premium package, you get 24/7 support.

To learn more how our Infinity program can help your small or medium-sized business with its IT needs, contact the professional IT team at Reliable Technology Solutions today. We’ve been helping Lexington, SC area businesses with their IT needs for nearly a decade.