The Importance of Firewall Protection for Your Business

  • 7 | 11 | 19
Business Firewall

Online security is more important now than ever, especially for small businesses. Customers or clients expect your business to keep their information secure. Plus you need to protect internal information and private documents. It’s also essential to prevent people from accessing your system and interfering with your operations. A firewall is one of the security measures you should be using for online security in a digital world.

What Can a Firewall Do?

A firewall assesses the data flowing through your network, allowing your legitimate users access while denying access to users or programs with bad intentions. This protects your network as well as computers with an internet connection—in other words, pretty much every computer in your business. Firewall protection helps against different types of attacks. It can:

  • Block programs designed to delete data or collapse your network
  • Prevent people from accessing your company’s financial accounts and credit cards
  • Keep the wrong eyes from seeing customer data and intellectual property
  • Prevent software or malware from switching some of your hardware and bandwidth to malicious purposes

As you can see, these types of attacks could be detrimental to your business. A firewall gives you an important measure of protection.

Setting Up a Firewall Correctly

A firewall needs to be set up and configured properly to work effectively for your business. As part of your protection, you can have both hardware and software firewalls.

Hardware firewall: Hardware standing between a network or computer and the internet or another outside network

Software firewall: Software on computers or network servers that allows you to customize decisions like who has access to the internet or which sites are blocked to employees If your business needs assistance with firewall protection we can help. We are able to secure your network and computers through:

  • Intrusion prevention services
  • Web filtering
  • Reporting
  • Antivirus software

Firewall protection provides an important filter between your company and risks. Nonetheless, it should be part of a broader plan for computer and web security. At Reliable Technology Solutions, we can help you set up your firewall protection correctly and integrate it into other network and cyber security services. Contact us to get your business as secure as possible.