Is Video Surveillance Right for My Business?

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Most business owners worry about time spent away from work, but they worry less when they've got video surveillance on their side. With a modern  video surveillance system, business owners can spend more quality time away from the store or office, and less time worrying about what's happening in their absence. If you're a business owner who worries about time spent away from work, here's how video surveillance can help.

Reduce Theft

Theft is a more common problem for small businesses than you might think. Theft accounted for a loss of almost 50 billion dollars in the retail industry in 2016. This theft included shoplifting, employee theft and fraud. While there is no silver bullet to prevent theft, video surveillance helps reduce theft by holding people accountable and making it easier to prove when a crime has been committed. Employees and customers are more likely to follow the letter of the law when they know they're being monitored.

End Arguments

Sometimes all you need to end an argument is a true account of what happened. Video surveillance provides that account. We recommend that you keep your video records of the day's events for a week or two after the video is created. You'll be able to go back to old videos as needed to settle disputes and clear up misunderstandings.

Improve Productivity

Sometimes employees work harder when they know their boss is watching. Even if your employees are just as hard working when you're not watching as when you are, video surveillance makes it easier to spot inefficient work practices. Reviewing tapes on a regular basis can help you notice problems that you might otherwise not observe.

Supplement Training

Recordings of daily tasks around the store or around the office make useful training tools for members of your staff who are new on the job. Use your surveillance footage to show new employees what to do, and occasionally, what not to do on the job site.  Are you in the market for a reliable video surveillance system? Contact Reliable Technology Solutions today to find out more about how you can get a quality video surveillance system installed in your home.