5 Reasons for Regular Server Maintenance

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Your company's servers are your virtual filing cabinets and store all of your company's important information, from log-ins to customer data to emails. Lose this information and your business will be crippled and possibly even face civil lawsuits from customers whose information was compromised. Regular server maintenance can help you quickly restore your files if your server is hacked or damaged. However, that's just one of many good reasons for regular server maintenance.

Reasons why regular server maintenance is important:

1. To back up your important files and customer information. A host of things can cause even the most careful company to lose its sensitive information. Your building could catch on fire. You could be in the path of a tropical storm or hurricane. Or, you could fall victim to a hacker. Having your vital information backed up on an outside server can make restoring your system after a disaster much, much easier.

2. To keep your system clean and running efficiently. Things like a bot attack, old software on the server and a backlog of temporary files can all cause your system to be sluggish. Regularly reviewing your logs and making sure that old files and software are discarded will keep your users happy with quick load times.

3. To free up your employee's time for other tasks. Your time and that of your employees is limited and valuable. By outsourcing your server maintenance, you and your staff can concentrate on other tasks, such as interacting with your customers.

4. To catch a potential problem early. With regular, 24/7 monitoring and maintenance, you can catch a potential attack or system problem early before much damage can be done.

5. To minimize down time during updates. With regular maintenance, your servers will have many fewer vulnerable spots.

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