3 Signs it’s Time for a Network Upgrade

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If you're like most small to mid-sized business owners, you have a lot of demands on your extra revenue. However, when it comes to your technology, using an outdated network just to save money may keep your company from serving your customers to the best of your ability. You want your computer network to perform at its best for both your employees and your clients. To make the most of your cash flow while still providing great service to your customers and optimizing productivity for your employees, it's important to be aware of the signs that you network needs to be upgraded.

Three signs that it's time to bite the bullet and upgrade your computer network

  1. Delays: Experiencing slow response times is the most obvious sign that your network is getting bogged down and needs to be upgraded. An occasional delay can be caused by a number of outside factors, but if you find you're experiencing consistent delays that get in the way of your day to day business, it's time for an upgrade.
  2. Frequently hitting bandwidth peaks: While occasional atypical demand can slow down your system and cause you to use most of your available bandwidth, this shouldn't happen on a regular basis. If it does, it's likely time for an upgrade.
  3. Your apps and software aren’t working properly: Applications and software need a sound infrastructure to operate correctly. When you're using the majority of your storage or memory, your apps are likely to give you illogical responses or sometimes even fail to respond to a command at all.

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