Whether you own a home or a business in South Carolina, you understand the importance of having the right security solutions in place to protect your family, your property, and the investments you’ve made in both. Reliable Tech Solutions offers a wide range of customizable and scalable security solutions for the home or the office that will help you sleep easier at night with confidence that your property is secure.

What Types of Security Products Are Available?

At Reliable Tech Solutions, our focus is on the use of technology to improve security. We offer a wide range of audio and visual surveillance equipment along with access control features like key cards for various points throughout your organization – or even to areas of your home like gates, garages, home offices, and safe rooms.

We understand how important security can be for your home and your business. It is our business to make sure your security needs are met today – and as your needs evolve. We offer highly trained professionals to answer all your security questions, assess your needs, and work with you to come up with a solution that provides you with ample security and peace of mind.

Whether your concerns are over productivity, loss prevention, or safety, Reliable Tech Solutions can help you come up with the right surveillance package to help you accomplish your goals. We also have equipment that allows you to access and monitor your home or office 24 hours a day, seven days a week from any web-enabled laptop, computer, tablet, or mobile phone.


Access Control

Access control is a technological solution that allows you to limit access to certain areas of your business — and your business itself by using key cards or biometric solutions to unlock doors and allow entry.

Reliable Technology Solutions will work with you to come up with the perfect balance of security and access, so the people who need to be allowed into certain areas of your building can have the appropriate access while denying access to those who have not been cleared to be there.

Why Work With Reliable Tech Solutions?

We aren’t in business to sell you the highest-cost gadget on the market for security and surveillance. Our goal is to offer superior customer service and high-quality tech solutions for your business that surpass your expectations without breaking your budget or overcomplicating your security process.

To that end, we offer security solutions for your home or business that are affordable, simple to operate, and highly effective. We believe this system has served our South Carolina customers well and will continue to deliver for homes, small businesses, and larger businesses throughout the community. Call us today at 803-451-2997 so we can begin working together to create your ideal security solutions.