Low Voltage Cabling

Reliable Technology Solutions offers the installation of low voltage wiring for new and old commercial buildings as well as residential buildings. Whether you are updating your wiring, expanding an existing building, or completing a new construction in South Carolina, Reliable Technology Solutions can handle all your cabling and wire installation needs.

Low Voltage Cabling

Low Voltage Wiring

You might be surprised to learn just how complex your wiring needs may be as a homeowner or a business. When you’re making plans for wiring, it pays to call in expert advice from Reliable Technology Solutions. We understand what will be connected to the wiring you install, can provide helpful guidance about the types of cables and wires you need, and the ideal placement of access points for these things to meet the needs of your business for things like:

  • Cat5e
  • Cat 6 (all types)
  • Coaxial
  • Alarm Wiring
  • Fiber Optics

While it may sound simple, having the right wires in the right locations can make a world of difference when it comes to the ease of installing, monitoring, and maintaining critical business structures, such as video surveillance equipment, computer servers, phone systems, and more. The fact that Reliable Technology Solutions also installs and maintains these types of systems gives them an edge over many competitors who only install cabling and wiring for businesses.

Why Reliable Technology Solutions for Your Low Voltage Cabling and Wiring Needs?

Reliable Technology Solutions is committed to offering South Carolina business and homeowners high-quality technology solutions at affordable rates. Not only do we offer innovative technology products, but we have highly trained technicians who manage, install, and maintain the products we offer.

From data network support to business telephone systems and home and office surveillance, sound, audio, and security needs, we have the right team to get the job done quickly and efficiently for you. We want you to have the best security and service at rates you or your business can afford.

Call Reliable Technology Solutions today at 803-451-2997 to learn more.


Category 5 enhanced cable, or Cat5e, is used primarily for computer networks, but can be used to carry other signals such as telephone and video. Category 6 cable is a newer version of Cat5e cable, and can transfer information more quickly and efficiently.


Coaxial cables, or coax cables, are an electrical cable that uses an inner conductor surrounded by a layer of insulation, and are often protected by an outer layer of insulation. They’re often used as a transmission line for radio signals such as video surveillance, cable television, and digital audio. There are several types of coaxial cables and can vary depending on their purpose.


Fiber optics have the ability to quickly pass incredible amounts of data over long distances, making it one of the fastest ways of sharing of information. They’re made up of extremely small strands of glass that use light to pass information. Fiber optic cables are primarily used to bring internet services to residential and commercial buildings.