Reliable Technology Solutions is your source for commercial wireless network solutions. We know how important it is for your wireless network to function where and when you want it. Our wireless connectivity enables your employees, business partners, and clients to connect to your wireless network from anywhere, at any time. 

We offer a streamlined user experience including easy-to-use troubleshooting tools and enhanced dashboard options. With high-end products made by Aruba and Ubiquiti, we offer stability and fast connectivity to help increase productivity in and around the workplace. Our wireless network solutions enable clients to share large files effortlessly.

Network Security


For your convenience, our wireless networks are secure and robust. We support businesses that need connectivity on the go, whether in a showroom, on the floor of the warehouse, in the farthest conference room, or even outside the business walls. We provide cost-effective cloud connectivity that ensures total productivity while using limited IT resources. Our wireless networks are nimble, fast, and meet high-performance standards. 

Ease of Use

Reliable Technology Solutions provides total support to businesses that need help with their IT network. Our network is fast and powerful enough for simultaneous streaming, uploading, and downloading.

  • Efficient Setup: Reliable Technology Solutions’ wireless networks are designed to work for everyone, regardless of the device being connected to the network. 
  • Intuitive Dashboard: Our intuitive dashboard makes connecting clear and simple for all types of users. 
  • Customized Portals: If your customers need to connect wirelessly to the network, our customized wireless portals make the job quick and efficient. 

Secure Networking

Security is one of our top priorities. Without a strong, secure system, wireless networks can be vulnerable to attack. Our automated security controls help ensure your network is safe for your valued users. We'll protect members of your network from malware and the latest forms of wireless intrusion. Regular updates help our system adapt to an ever-changing world.


Reliable Technology Solutions wireless networks offer total flexibility for growing businesses. Start small and grow big with our customizable wireless systems. Add a controller, develop your dashboard, and update your software as your business changes. We provide flexible wireless architecture to ensure your network will meet your needs now and into the future. 

Reliable Technology Solutions is your greatest asset for wireless connectivity. It's our mission to provide customers with high-quality solutions that are reliable, scalable, and affordable. Contact us today for a complimentary network assessment.

Viruses, ransomware and malware are all increasing problems for commercial enterprises. This is why small and large businesses need a flexible and secure network to protect their sensitive information. At one time, many companies could protect themselves with a simple firewall. This is no longer the case, and commercial-grade firewalls cannot do the job alone. Businesses hoping to protect themselves need to have an expert on their side.

Reliable Technology Solutions provides security from a range of cyber security threats, including hackers and viruses. Using a full range of products and services, our cyber security strategies enable us to use smart technology solutions for modern cyber security problems. Our teams work 24 hours per day to manage your cyber security and protect from within.

Businesses cannot afford to be held back by security risk. Our professionals understand these needs and work to ensure that cyber security strategies work in tandem with business processes and strategies. Our adaptable, flexible cyber security products are designed to support companies rather than hinder progress.

At the same time, Reliable Technology Solutions helps businesses develop processes and cultural norms that ensure and enhance security. Through education and consulting, we help businesses stand strong. 

Reliable Technology Solutions prevents others from entering your network and compromising your sensitive data. Our firewall features provide a range of protections for customers to ensure that all portals are protected. Our intrusion prevention services, antivirus software, web filtering and reporting are designed to meet the needs of businesses large and small.

We provide total customer support for clients with limited IT staff, and we work around the clock, so your business can focus on other matters. Our reliable and knowledgeable professionals are always available to help our customers.

In this digital age, businesses are constantly at risk without a proper firewall and cyber security team. Reliable Technology Solutions has the expertise and knowledge that can help your business stay protected, strong and secure. Get started with a consultation today, call us today at 803-451-2997 or fill out our contact form.