About Us

Reliable Technology Solutions believes in the impact IT solutions have on a small business. With proper technology, your company can grow and expand to levels never imagined. A business doesn't know their potential until they use IT technology. We're here to analyze all aspects of your business and find a solution, or several, that are geared toward your target audience and your particular needs.

We formed in 2010 in a garage by Tim Christensen and a few close friends who had an idea. Reliable Technology Solutions has grown exponentially to the company we are today. We have continued to supply full-service IT support and have continuously improved our customer service. Technology is the future, and we believe that the future has never looked brighter than when you have tech solutions that work with you.

Reliable Technology Solutions

The difference in Reliable Technology Solutions' approach in comparison to other IT companies is team’s attention to getting to know a business thoroughly before recommending changes. Our IT professionals don’t just fix any equipment you have that's not functioning properly; our team installs new technology to update your business to help you achieve your goals and even go beyond. No technological improvements are beneficial for all companies, which is why we take the time to listen and determine where your technological areas of weakness are. In addition, we work with you to determine your business' goals to derive a solution tailored to your needs.  

We focus primarily on small to medium-sized businesses and organizations. We offer managed services, so you don't have to worry about the management aspect of technology; you can get back to focusing on your growth potential.  

We feel a special type of pain when we see companies who are understaffed because it affects the success and future of a business. We combat this issue by providing personalized service tailored to your company. Truly, you never know how far your business can go until you use IT to propel it forward with Reliable Technology Solutions.